TU/e innovation Space CBL Toolkit

We are on a mission to make education innovative and future proof

This is why we created this Challenge-Based Learning toolkit: to help educators innovate their curriculum and prepare students for the challenges that the future holds – while having fun!

What is Challenge-Based Learning (CBL)?

At TU/e innovation Space, we like to think of Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) as an educational philosophy, a way of thinking about learning and teaching. It is a student-centric approach to education that fosters creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, while providing students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges. It is gaining increasing attention in higher education as a way to prepare students for the complex and rapidly changing world they will face after graduation.

Getting started with CBL?

Try the CBL Wheel of Life!

Take a quick test to find out which aspects of CBL you are most interested in and motivated to focus on, to redesign your curriculum! Download the CBL Wheel of Life down below and follow the instructions here.

Explore the toolkit

Let yourself be inspired by education innovation stories from teachers, learn how a Challenge-Based Learning course can look like from best practices, or kick-start the (re)design process of your curriculum with our hands on methods!


Get inspired by teachers’ stories who experienced the benfits of CBL in their teaching practice


Discover methods and approaches to transform you educational content towards CBL


Dive into great examples that show how CBL works in practice within higher education


The Bouwkundewinkel

The Bouwkundewinkel

The bouwkundewinkel Bouwkundewinkel Eindhoven, comprising a team of four students from the faculty of the Built Environment, offers advice and support to challenge owners in building, living, and the living environment. They provide advisory reports and design...

Design for transport and logistics

Design for transport and logistics

Design for transport and logisticsThis course in Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences focuses on developing control structures for complex freight transport and logistics systems. Students learn to evaluate and select designs based on performance, costs, and...

Technology forecasting

Technology forecasting

Technology ForecastingOffered by the faculty of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, this course teaches students about forecasting tools and their application in simple cases. This course entails group work on real-life forecasting challenges.TeachersJ....

Teacher’s competences for innovative science subjects

Teacher’s competences for innovative science subjects

Teacher's competences for innovative science subjectsThis TU/e Eindhoven School of Education course explores didactic themes of high school courses O&O (research and development) and NLT (nature, living and technology). Active student participation is expected...

Industrial Design Final Bachelor Project

Industrial Design Final Bachelor Project

Industrial Design Final Bachelor ProjectIn the final year of the Industrial Design Bachelor's, the students are offered the opportunity, through this course, to undertake individual projects. They learn to select the most suitable design process, develop functional...

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